Into the clouds, and never came back...
Tuesday, May 18, 2004
It's such a nice day, isn't it? I wonder how life is, out there in Iraq. Sad, isn't it? Why has the world became like that...so it's true after all...violence begets violence...I just watched 'The Patriot' yesterday, and realized people got controlled by the anger and hatred in them so much, they kill, they mutilate the bodies,...and they spend the rest of their life being a peaceful and good person. Yes, revenge is sweet, but isn't it ironic too? You kill their soldiers, they set suicidal bombs on you, you torture the captives, they behead your beloved...this is the cycle of hatred.

Well, too much of sadness lingering around here...let's bring something fun out! I'm going to watch 'Troy' soon...maybe tomorrow!!! Yes! I can finally watch that film of the year...well,...another war show......let's say something else...definitely not war-themed...'Fruits basket'!!! Oh man...I love that anime!! So hilarious yet mysterious.... I suggest that one should watch it if there's time...it really helps to destress. I feel so comfortable after watching the show ev'rytime...great anime..that's what people should do man...bring joy to people! :)
Saturday, May 08, 2004
I knew it. I need to tell some people about my uncertainties. Yes...and it's by fate that you are actually reading this, thus thanks anyway for your time.

Actually, my main aim is only to share about my liking for THAT person in my school. Yup, you might have guessed it correctly.....this is just another typical girl falling blindly for a handsome guy...i don't deny it, but i am so afraid of being rejected that i refused to tell anybody about it. Sometimes, I even try to delude myself, telling myself that i don't like him...sad isn't it.....i am just so pathetic.....*sigh*

Okay, so maybe you would like to know why i like THAT guy...honestly, I don't know why either.....maybe it's his looks.....and that will make me a superficial girl....but if let's say he's really that good-looking, then why would he even bother to take a look at me? I'm just a plain, plain girl....Zero, it's zero percent that he will like me...

Well, maybe i should just forget him...he's so far away.....

Anyway, my friend is going for the audition for "Singapore Idol".... I hope he can make it to the rounds....singing "Breathe easy" by Blue will definitely be great for the audition.
Friday, May 07, 2004
I don't know why, but deep down inside me, i believe that somewhere out there, in this world, there'll be someone out there, especially made by God, for me.

That's why, I feel rather difficult to understand, why some people can change their boyfriends, or girlfriends, so rapidly that he or she can't even give a exact number of mates he or she dated! Maybe they're just tired of waiting. Waiting for the right one to come...I'm tired of waiting too...under so much pressure and stress, I can finally understand why one needs to find another person so desperately - they need the emotional support. They want someone who makes them wanna wake up early in the morning for school, they need to know there's someone out there for them to love, and need to know that they are being loved...

I look at myself now, and wonder...should I call myself strong or just timid? Strong as in I can handle my stress so well that i don't need an emotional support, or just timid, because I don't dare to barge inside to realistic world of love? I like a guy, but i totally have no idea how to tell him,just because i have so low confidence in myself that i think that he will probably reject me anyway...*sigh*

Let's drop the topic....oh yar...my friend is joining the "Singapore Idol"....I wonder if he can ever make it to the preliminary rounds?

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